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For highest quality requirements


In many industries, especially drinking water, beer, beverages and food, hygienic and microbiological safety are an omnipresent task. The quality of products has to be ensured in any case. It is essential for customer's credibility. Therefore a strict plant hygiene and a competent management of the microbiology are fundamental premises.


Nevertheless, continuously there is a latent microbiological danger on surfaces in the immediate vicinity of microbiologically sensitive products. Hence, in all sections of a plant an effective monitoring has to be installed. Based on classical analytical methods this is not adequately guaranteed. Results are available only with delays of some days. Thereby product quality can be negatively influenced for days without being recognized.


For the future an optimal quality control will still use the strengths of conventional analytics without being subdued to its well-known limitations. Our approach helps you to solve the problem of microbiological information delay. We offer you an opportunity to control your microbiological product neighbourhood real-time.