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From science to industry – Forceful transfer of an innovative premium technology


ONVIDA's roots lay in leading scientific microbiological research especially focused on biofilms. Additionally ONVIDA has a profound expertise in measurement technology and analysis methods.


Initial steps of today's ONVIDA reach back till the early 90ies where initial technical solutions were developed. In close cooperation with universities and industry partners and after some years of research and development the first industry application was implemented in the year 2000.


Since then our innovative technologies and methods have been pushed forwards continuously. Thereby ONVIDA converts current scientific approaches to solutions with a high practical use. Engineering is focused on a high quality and stableness of our products as well as in a steadily improvement of measuring precision, practical suitability and a user-friendly handling.


The number of outstanding awards ONVIDA was able to gain in its young history represents the company's outstanding technology as well as its growth potentials.